• Pot Legalization

  • 19-05-2016
  • "Success at the ballot box would enormously increase California’s overall legal market share,
  • 16-4-2016
  • California voters this fall are widely anticipated to pass a ballot measure legislating leisure cannabis.
  • 19-05-2016
  • Because marijuana stays unlawful at the federal level, the product today is unavailable in other places.

Canada goes for pot legalization in 2017


Canada is moving to legislate pot in 2017, but don't anticipate it to end up being a brand-new Amsterdam for Americans intending to get a legal high just throughout the northern border.


Canada's Liberal Party federal government will present a law next spring to legalize leisure cannabis, Health Minister Jane Philpott divulged recently at the United Nations. She did not information that would be permitted to grow or distribute cannabis products.


Canada has a lot of alternatives here, said RAND Drug Policy Research Center co-director Beau Kilmer. That could actually shape what occurs in terms of people coming in from other countries.

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Legalization of cannabis hot topic at UN conference


The pressure to legalize cannabis has grown by strong financial interests and various nations behind. It dominates discussions at the meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York on the world drug issue, now under way, reports Swedish Radio's global health correspondent on the spot.


It was about a war on drugs, but it has actually failed as well as the goal of the world would be rid of the drug at this point. Some countries and strong commercial interests pressing for the legalization of cannabis. Find more info on


In the middle of Manhattan is among New York's newly opened clinics that sell medical marijuana to clients who are HIV favorable or with diagnoses such as cancer, Parkinson's, MS, epilepsy or influence amato risk bowel condition. The prep works reported to minimize discomfort, queasiness and convulsions among others. Security is high.

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Whoopi Goldberg founds medical marijuana company for women


Whoopi Goldberg is lending her name and sponsorship to a new line of medical marijuana products developed particularly for women.


Goldberg, who has been public about her own marijuana use, is one of a handful of Hollywood celebrities delving into the cannabis marketplace. Bob Marley’s family has partnered with a marijuana company to produce Marley Natural items, and Snoop Dogg backs Leafs by Snoop. Goldberg stated her Whoopi & Maya company got sponsorship from three loved ones members, and she will serve as chairwoman.


I wish to go good and slow with this. I was to want this to be a joke to individuals. It s not a joke to women, Goldberg told USA TODAY.


The company she's co-founded offers 4 items: a balm, a tincture, sipping chocolate, and a bath soak. All are instilled with cannabis and goal to reduce the pain and cramps from periods. Prices has actually not yet been set.




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